Set de 4 Couteaux Céramique

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★ A UNIQUE SET ★: this set of 4 knives of different sizes will allow you to make all types of recipes. Accompanied by a cookbook created in partnership with many web cooking stars, this set will make you a real chef.
★ AN INTEGRATED CUTTING ★: Black ceramic is the sharpest and most resistant. Made of zirconium combined with carbon, the blades of these knives are elegant and extremely efficient.
★ A UNIQUE GIFT ★: delivered in an elegant magnetic box, with a beautiful velvet interior, the knives are carefully presented. Covered with a silk leaf and accompanied by a recipe book, this box set has it all.
★ DURABILITY ★: Ceramic blades are up to 15 times stronger than steel blades. By following the instructions for use, you can keep them for years.
★ FORMULATED ACCESSORIES ★: Because you deserve the best, our 4 Chefs de France ceramic knives are delivered with protective cases for the blade. You will also find a recipe book produced in partnership with well-known bloggers and culinary You Tubers.


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4 different knives in a superb box set

The Prestige de ChefsDeFrance box set contains 4 ceramic knives:

– A 12.7 cm Santoku knife

– A 12.7 cm knife

– A 15.2 cm knife (ideal for meat)

– A 17.8 cm knife

There is also a blade guard for each knife.

A recipe booklet included!

Lacking inspiration?

Famous bloggers have collaborated with ChefsDeFrance to prepare a recipe booklet with 6 dishes and desserts!

Why use ceramic knives?

– They cut better than conventional knives

– The ceramic does not oxidize when in contact with water.

– They will last longer than your old knives!

– Easy to use: ceramic knives are particularly handy and lightweight.

– You can sharpen your ceramic knives with our ChefsDeFrance sharpener!

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